David Meggett in Jail

Like too many successful athletes, David Meggett ran into trouble after his career was over. Meggett had three notable run-ins with the law.

In 1998 he was accused of a sex offense in Toronto. He was not convicted.

In 2006 he was accused of a similar charge in the Carolinas and that was resolved with a misdemeanor conviction.

The last straw was his 2010 felony conviction for another sex offense and a related charge. That led to a 30-year jail sentence.

Here’s Meggett’s mug shot:
Mug Shot

One thought on “David Meggett in Jail

  1. At a youth football camp where I worked Dave Meggett told me he thanked God every day when he woke up and before he went to bed for putting him in the middle of his wildest fantasy. He said “Who ever thought a little black boy who wrnt to Towson would ever play for the New York Giants?” I am so sorry to see that once bright light fall apart

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