Dave Meggett – Football


While Dave Meggett’s legacy has suffered from his encounters with the criminal justice system, he did have a great NFL career for 10 years.

Best known as a punt returner, Meggett was also a prolific running back and receiver in third-down situations. He played a key role in the Giants 1990 Super Bowl win with a total of 130 yards including running, receiving, and returns. He went on to play with the Patriots (including another good game in the 1997 Super Bowl) and a brief stint with the Jets.

Here’s a great Dave Meggett moment, a return for a touchdown (he had 29 in his career):

David Meggett in Jail

Like too many successful athletes, David Meggett ran into trouble after his career was over. Meggett had three notable run-ins with the law.

In 1998 he was accused of a sex offense in Toronto. He was not convicted.

In 2006 he was accused of a similar charge in the Carolinas and that was resolved with a misdemeanor conviction.

The last straw was his 2010 felony conviction for another sex offense and a related charge. That led to a 30-year jail sentence.

Here’s Meggett’s mug shot:
Mug Shot